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Lemon Law Firm
Lemon law
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Practice Areas

Oil & Gas

Our lawyers represent the interests of surface and mineral interest owners, as well as oil and gas operators. We seek to fully understand our clients’ businesses in order to provide them with efficient and practical solutions. We offer our clients a range of resources and cross-practice legal services to meet their business and legal needs. More…

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Administration of Estates

Our firm is well qualified to assist our clients with their estate planning needs. We are able to assist by preparing simple and complex wills, trusts, and legal entities to transfer property to loved ones and minimize estate taxes. More…

Business Entities

New business owners face many important decisions. One of the first decisions an owner must make is selecting the type of entity for their business. Our lawyers are here to assist with your business formation. We have licensed lawyers that can form business entities or assist with mergers and acquisitions of businesses in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. More…

Debt Collection

Our lawyers assist with debt recovery for businesses and individuals in Texas and Oklahoma. Below is a brief overview of the debt collection process. More…

Personal Injuries

Our attorneys assist individuals in obtaining compensation for physical and psychological injuries. Physical injuries can arise from being involved in an automobile, railroad, airline, or construction or other workplace accident. More…

Water Law & Wind Energy

Our lawyers can handle the reservation, purchase and sale of ground water rights, groundwater development, joint use and water sharing agreements. They have experience in matters related to the regional groundwater conservation districts including the North Plains Groundwater Conversation District, Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, Hemphill County Underground Water Conservation District, and Mesquite Groundwater District. More…

Real Estate

Many disputes are better resolved outside of the courtroom. Our lawyers guide real estate negotiations from start to finish to protect your interests. By retaining an experienced lawyer to strategize during the contract negotiation process, you can often prevent disputes from arising at a later stage in the real estate transaction. This can save time, costs and frustration. More…