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Lemon Law Firm
Lemon law
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions
Our lawyers handle all aspects of buying and selling real estate. Our firm can:
Real Estate Negotiations
Many disputes are better resolved outside of the courtroom. Our lawyers guide real estate negotiations from start to finish to protect your interests. By retaining an experienced lawyer to strategize during the contract negotiation process, you can often prevent disputes from arising at a later stage in the real estate transaction. This can save time, costs and frustration.
Real Estate Litigation
Real estate litigation requires knowledge of both the property and civil litigation laws. Should your real estate transaction require litigation, our lawyers have the experience to successfully litigate your real estate related disputes.
Farm and Ranch Transactions
Our lawyers represent both buyers and sellers in the acquisition, sale and financing of all real property, including farm and ranch properties. We also provide assistance with ongoing real property issues such as preparation and review of crop, grazing, hunting leases and negotiation of easement issues.