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Lemon Law Firm
Lemon law
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Water Law & Wind Energy

Water Law
Our lawyers can handle the reservation, purchase and sale of ground water rights, groundwater development, joint use and water sharing agreements. They have experience in matters related to the regional groundwater conservation districts including the North Plains Groundwater Conversation District, Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, Hemphill County Underground Water Conservation District, and Mesquite Groundwater District. Additionally, F. Keith Good is counsel to the North Plains Groundwater Conversation District and Mesquite Groundwater District. Our lawyers also have experience reserving and preserving water rights connected to the real property in the Texas Panhandle.
Wind Energy
We represent landowners in all aspects of wind lease transactions, including negotiating wind leases, wind easements, estoppel agreements and transmission easements. We also assist clients in transactions involving the reservation, purchase and sale of wind rights.